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Hej bloggen vet du vad?? Jo nu har jag kommit på vart jag vill åka! Joo, till Sydamerika!!! Fattar du vad coolt det är att åka dit!! En tjej i min klass är i Argentina just nu (hon kommer där ifrån) och jag har fått världens sug att åka dit... Men jag kanske får nöja mig med att åka till London nu på fredag och till Thailand i februari! Jag kanske är lite girig på resor! Ja du det är jag nog faktiskt! Nemen usch!! Nu känner jag mig verkligen dum! Nej nu ska jag inte prata, tänka, andas semester ...

Endurance is crucial

When you watch the news and hear about all the suffering that goes on around the world, you are amazed at how all these poor people endure it. We may think that we have a hard time but we're doing well too, but everything's relative, and yes, knowing that someone else is worse off doesn't make your situation easier, but offers some perspective. It feels at once so much easier to endure when you pay someone else a thought of pity. One easily forgets your own troubles. Or remember them. It depends who you meet.

what a morning

What a morning! My kids went to bed too late and this morning they did want to wake up. It took my much trouble to get them out of bed. But then it just started. I've asked a hundred times if they wanted to get dressed and about a thousand times if they wanted to eat their breakfast. This was hopeless and I decided to ask nothing and just to go to school when it was time to go. Let’s see what happens then? At 8 o’clock I went to the car and my kids were still in their pajamas ...


Since we live in Sweden a lot of things changed without knowing why. I never drank coffee in The Netherlands although in The Netherlands they think they are the land of coffee, what is doubtful. But anyway since I live in Sweden I started drinking coffee. Not just a normal regular coffee, no my coffee must contain a lot of foamed milk. And not just milk foam but really strong foam which your spoon can float on. In Sweden, where you can order this coffee everywhere, I tasted this for the first time and I was sold.